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About Richie's Security Services


Safe Smart Home Solutions

We create simple, affordable and Safe smart home solutions

As a leading smart home technology provider, Richie's Security Services offers Residential and Commercial Security, energy management, home automation, local and cloud storage for video, Access Control and more. The end result is a smart home solution that saves you time, money and ultimately simplifies your life while keeping your home or business safe.


Protecting Homes and Families

Richie's Security Services is committed to providing every home and family with innovative, dependable, and affordable home security solutions.

We began as a small IT Company in Dayton, Ohio in 2000 and expanded into a Full security provider in 2014. Partnered with the biggest names in the industry we offer our customers innovative, Dependable and most importantly affordable options for both Residential and Commercial security needs. Since then, Richie's Security Services has continued to protect homes and families in neighborhoods across the tri-state area and continue to expanded our offering of cutting-edge home automation and life safety products.